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SOMA - Structured Oversight Modern Art

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This collection deals with the dual themes of structure and of oversight. Starting off, The Normal In Engraving is an abstract, stylized work that takes what might otherwise be a typical work and transcribes it onto a rough sheet of what feels like hempen paper. The original survives only as lines on the page, turning into a story and gaining new, different potential from what it might have been. Confident but Inactive speaks through its subject's body language. Limbs splayed out widely, not pulled taut but rather relaxed and curved leisurely, the figure looks out off-frame, past the blue background. It seems to be considering its design, sure of its authority despite currently exercising none of it. Round Out and Smooth Over is a beautiful shade of purple, which is the most noteworthy thing about it. Its composition is overall abstract, its title coming from the contrast between its foreground's curves and contours and its background's stable, soft texture. Gradually Expanding Order is one of the deepest works in this collection, though it is as abstract as its peers. The vertical bars and lines, tinged with pink and violet, pushes forth to cover the deep, empty blue background. This expansion seems to be directed by a figure in the top right, which points outwards in the direction that this wave moves. And finally of note, Indecision is a beautiful orange hue, and simple in composition. A flowery subject is situated at the top of the image, looking down off of its pedestal at two sides. One is wide and bright, but the other has some hidden variety, the same orange color giving way to a deep, intense, powdery red. The grayness of the central area alludes to the difficulty of the decision for the subject. Please enjoy!

Bore Cast

Capricious Overseer

Confident but Inactive

Gradually Expanding Order


Round Out and Smooth Over

Structured Jumble

The Normal In Engraving