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MAOA - Modern Art Of Away

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This is another heavily metaphorical collection, leaning hard into figurativity when implying what exactly "of away" is supposed to mean. Many of the works choose to interpret the phrase as either leaving or arriving, or exploring, but all imply somewhere that is not here. Starting off, Bare Plain is a simplistic, uncomplicated work consisting just of a thin foreground and a wide, expansive, empty dark cyan background. The mood is somewhat foreboding just because of the color palette, but this is counterbalanced by the lack of any threatening elements in the work; there's nothing here to be scary. Flight Towards Sun is active and mobile, and, based on its color scheme, optimistic. The black figure at the lower-right is certainly a bird, and seems to be taking flight towards the distance in the background, but that background is a warm, welcoming yellow, which lends the entire work an uplifting tone. Runaway Turbine is notable both for the contrast in its chosen color palette and for its sense of motion. Horizontal lines in the background, contrasted with the gradient of blue and the increasing complexity from the right to the left as approaching the turbine itself, convey the lasting effects of movement. The red-aqua tone of the background contrasts with the blue of the subject, painting the turbine as rebellious and free-spirited, which also supports the work's theme. From Past the Hill is positive and straightforward, using a slightly unorthodx color and using waves in an unsubtle yet restrained way. The expansion of waves in the yellow-green background, as they move upwards, implies their movement towards the viewer, cresting a hill that provides no particular resistance and has no reason to. But my personal favorite work this week is Cozy Nexus, which portrays a cylindrical fortress of solitude, insulated from the dangers and stresses of the outside. Yet, the nexus provides its own worries, of a different sort: here, it is jagged, and while the outside has horizontal lines in lower numbers, the inside has vertical lines everywhere on many different layers depending on the level of fragmentation. This work provides the viewer an opportunity to question the value and price of the feeling of safety. Please enjoy!

Bare Plain

Climb Again Yet Less

Cozy Nexus

Err Away

Flight Towards Sun

From Past the Hill


Runaway Turbine