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History always seems old, but every moment of the past was once the present. This collection portrays things of significance - things that, in their own times, may have made history. First, Wine and Murder is a work with two sides; a rough, relaxed, smooth side and a precise, sharp side, to emphasize both sides of its theme. Both aspects of this work are also core fixtures of diplomacy. Waves Floating Onwards focuses on the opposite theme; its interesting, moving foreground and background simply ignore the spots of total blackness, emptiness amidst so much motion and feeling. Because sometimes, things are lost. Runes of History takes yet another approach to this collection's theme, as a scribe. A grainy work that might feel at home in the Pixel Art collections, Runes of History is careful and precise. Storm Gone Slightly Wrong takes a dramatic, inventive approach to its background coloration, combining a sickly green with a piercingly bright orange, and somehow blending the two colors well enough to work. The texture and the detail in the foreground, combined with the jarring contrast of the background's two colors, helps to present the destruction to which the work's title refers. And finally of note, Multitude of Dusts goes perhaps a little bit overboard with its presentation. Its title references its texture, and those dusts carry lgiht of all different colors that helps to define the contours and depths of what would otherwise be a flat, segmented image. Please enjoy!

A Suave Resolution

Multitude of Dusts

Out of the Sea, Into a Building

Runes of History

Stable Fissure Fixtures

Storm Gone Slightly Wrong

Waves Floating Onwards

Wine and Murder