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MEMA - Mental Expressions Modern Art

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These works all focus on a persistent theme of mentality and emotions - various representations of the human mental state. Starting off, Mental Mountain is a reimagining of a familiar archetype, and one that uses contours and shading to suggest its form rather than a simple white-color dichotomy. The left side of the work presents a bright source of light, from which the right side is shielded; but not by the mountain that is the work's subject, but rather by some force in the sky, keeping that light away from the mountain's peak. Taken as a metaphor, this work thus gains new meaning. Some Type of Love is a fairly simple work with a well-defined yet shallow color palette. It relies on its contours and shading for its detail, while maintaining a color scheme to evoke very particular emotions. It uses negative space as silhouette towards the top of the image, and combined with the shading and contours this implies a sense of motion that, when taken alongside the work's title, conveys its message. Spiritual Flower takes a somewhat wider scheme of cool colors, going only so far as to contrast pink against blue. One side of the image is blank, unmarred, but the other has been given form and direction - yet it is incomplete, its borders not yet closed and it missing a substantial portion of itself. A growth in progress, to be sure. And finally of note, my personal favorite works this week are Feelair and Feelenv - extremely simple, straightforward works that act as counterparts to one another. Their differeng color schemes - lavender and dark blue for the former, and a bright orange and white for the latter - represent different frames of the human psyche, the internal and the external, the reclusive and the outgoing, the negative and the positive.




Mental Mountain

Musings in Twine

Processing of Data

Some Type of Love

Spiritual Flower