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This collection's theme is one somewhat of miscellany - there is no overarching idea that threads through each work, but rather a loose connection that tries to take some point of similarity from the variance they all display. One constant, if anything, is that all of these works present original, inventive ideas in one way or another. Haphazard Cushioning does this by contrasting the opposite colors purple and yellow, the gulf between them an inky black. Viewed from a particular angle, it almost seems like Yellow is embracing its opposite; from another angle, smothering it. Ovoid of Chemicals is another mostly-straightforward work, but for its almost jarring fade from a strong magenta to a somewhat darker, more substantial yellow. The color of the background is close to this other yellow, but not quite even, which gives the impression that the area inside the ovoid defined by this work's contours is cut off from the environment around it. Next, Inside a Radio Receiver is a very digital-styled work that uses wide horizontal beams with tight vertical struts. To give the impression of depth, this work uses the rough color gradient from a blinding white to a more substantial, darker blue or black; and it manages to maintain a persistent feeling of movement and energy as well. Extremely Phallic Object is pixel art, one of the most straightforward such works this gallery has seen so far. The moire that characterizes this work's background, and the color gradient fading from an active yellow towards the center towards a more subdued magenta towards the sides, both draw the viewer's attention towards the center, the work's namesake. A bit blunt of a title, to be sure, but an accurate one. And finally of note, Ruined Statistics uses ripple waves to give a unique impression of depth and curvature that spans from side to side rather than from top to bottom as is more common. Overall the work is raw and imbalanced, yet maintains an enduring sense of motion and intrigue. Please enjoy!

Cradle of Strings

Extremely Phallic Object

Failed Suit Design

Haphazard Cushioning

Inside a Radio Receiver

Ovoid of Chemicals

Ravenous Plague Doctor

Ruined Statistics