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TMPA - Treasured Modern Pixel Art

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As with previous pixel art collections, these works are at a very small scale, presenting art from monitors with dead pixels. Starting off, Lone Teardrop is simple and striaghtforward - just a teardrop. The background of the work is almost entirely blank, leaving only the teardrop itself to draw attention - and the teardrop even has a little glint of light, in the form of a couple of white pixels. Alignment and Measure records the intersection of two lones, one horizontal and one diagonal. The way the fulcrum, the point where they meet, is detailed suggests that the diagonal line is actually portruding out in the third dimension, as though to measure an angle or distance. Stitched Smile is straight and to the point - a succession of dead pixels, loosely grouped together in a thick line, in an arc the shape of a smile. The jaggedness of the pixels, and the way that the intense red-pink color of the borders seems to overtake all else, leaves this work with an aura of ominousness. Rush from a Fork is somewhat literal, presenting what is obviously a three-tined fork. But the differing lengths of the tines - and how their lengths don't match the angle at which they diverge - give the work a strange sense of scale and motion. Combined with the jagged edges of the pixel-lines, and the dull tone of the background, this work is somehow unsettling in an interesting way. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Map Projection is a colorful work, even without relying on its background. The main mass is divided into red and green, and taken together it almost resembles something of a map, though stretched horizontally. The green is land and the red is water, all pasted on a map stretched and ethereal - a unique impression overall. Please enjoy!

Alignment and Measure

Faceted Marks

Indications of What Matters

Lone Teardrop

Map Projection

Object of a Heart

Poorly-Focused Holes

Rush from a Fork

Stitched Smile