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RFMA - Resolved Feelings Modern Art

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Starting off, Void Moth is a unique, jagged work that almost seems like it was divided and put back together wrong, repeating itself at an odd scale. The figure in the center, the void moth, is black against a light background - white below, green above - yet extends itself out with confidence, without hesitation. Next, Refuge is a soothing work, with a dark color scheme with red for the background and green for the foreground, complementing each other well amidst a rounded, cyclic composition. The gradual swirl of the landscape portrayed is comforting, cradling and embracing the darkness. Siphon to Shine portrays a black foreground and a layered reddish background, being funneled towards the left side of the image into a smaller and smaller space. Right beneath where it converged, a small network of white cracks begins to shine out, fueled by the energy and converting it to light in a new form. A Face of Confidence is a relatively literal work, the two eyes and a mouth easily visible at just a glance. The more-cracked and more-colorful exterior of the image presents questions about what this face has been through, and what might inform its current attitude - and, indeed, what the shape of its smile indicates. But my personal favorite work this week is Primordial, a violet monochrome work combining waves with light-bruises to give the shape and impression of an organism advanced - or maybe regressed, or maybe eldritch - beyond comprehension. Though the work's color scheme is easy and relaxing, there's intrigue to be found here, and endless room for interpretation. Please enjoy!

A Face of Confidence

Blood-Fueled Wave Wall

Draw Colors to Shatter

Maybe Once a Herald



Siphon to Shine

Void Moth