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MALN - Modern Art Longing Nature

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This collection focuses both on the emotions surrounding longing, and on nature itself, in its various facets. Starting off, Invasion of Leaves is a dim green, angular and cut into pieces by thin, purposeful white lines. The coloration and composition of the various segments the image is cut into are meant to represent leaves, and the general sense of motion pushes outwards, invading the surroundings with them. Gathering Green is in many ways the opposite - instead of being dark, it is bright, and instead of pushing outwards, it pulls inwards, the contours similar and yet different to indicate the contrary direction of movement. Thanks to its color scheme and general brightness, this work is inviting and comforting. Grabbing Many Footholds is again of a similar composition - its directed inwards, not in a spiral but in straight lines, and the areas of lightness it pulls towards its center are accessible and distinct. What exactly they are is up for debate - the work's title assumes they are footprints, but other interpretations may be valid as well. We All Look Vigilantly is stoic and static, possessing a sense of direction but not necessarily a sense of motion. The indecisive background contrasts with the deep blackness and stark vertical lines of color in the foreground, portraying towers and lines of sight. But my personal favorite work this week is Peek Towards the Dark, a dark and foreboding work with an aura of vigilance and stoicism. The patch of light from the tower in the upper-left defies the generally dark work, providing a source of comfort and confidence that contrasts pleasantly with the rest of the picture. Please enjoy!

Flank of an Eater

Gathering Green

Grabbing Many Footholds

Invasion of Leaves

Mild Boredom

Peek Towards the Dark

Picked an Opinion

We All Look Vigilantly