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MCMA - Material Creation Modern Art

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Starting off, Seal of Valor is a work of pixel art, mostly monochrome in shades of blue, but very cohesively-constructed, and it gives the impression of highlights and shadows throughout. The slight asymmetry indicates that the perspective is at an angle. Hardened Mercury is, of course, metallic in color and texture, and its composition flows in an interesting way, and yet seems solid - thus, the work's name. The shading, combined with the red background, gives the work an intense feel. Manufacturing Whimsy is the most colorful work in this collection, blotches of red, yellow, and blue scattered throughout with some highlights of green, and a figure in the middle extending out to manipulate and shape it all. Inheriting from Four focuses on movement inwards, with color disappearing from the work towards its center, replaced with white wires that take from each corner and mix, combine, their essences into one. And finally of note this week, Pushing Out Places brings a marvelous metallic red color to tint everything. Meanwhile, the black area in the center pushes outwards, encroaching upon the more vibrant and light exterior of the image. Please enjoy!

Blotches and Scuffs

Contrast Out

Fabulous Automaton

Hardened Mercury

Inheriting from Four

Manufacturing Whimsy

Pushing Out Places

Seal of Valor