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MASJ - Modern Art Shadowed Journey

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Starting right off, Butterfly against Sunset is a simple and beautiful work that uses color contrast wonderfully. The blazing orange-red background is met with a dark yet vivid forground, onto which is etched the silhouette of a butterfly, extending its wings broadly for all to see and appreciate. Plant Predator uses thin green lines to draw a stalk and petals, the very edges of which expand into bulbs of color. However vibrant the drawing, though, the background's subtle shading and coloration gives an ominous feeling which leads to the work's title. Is the plant the predator, or is there a hidden predator seeking the plant? The Earthspike, Too Far is a calming rust color, and uses vertical lines for most of its impact. The concentration of dark red lines against the background coincides with the top of the gray mound in the foreground, creating an impact recognized by the contour of the black area in between - and this produces shadows directed up and away, visible against the background. Crabform!} is simply a tribute to the greatest and most perfect creature nature has ever produced - the crab. Its legs portrude to its sides, and its pincers are raised up high, against a vibrant pink wavy background. But my persnal favorite work this week is {{work:the-spirits-of-colors:The Spirits of Colors, a bruised work with several different colors in distinct vertical strips. The depressions of the bruises give the appearance of spirits, or ghosts, representing their respective colors, all of which comes together to create a haunting and beautiful picture overall. Please enjoy!

Above the Hump

Bulbous Blackness

Butterfly against Sunset


Hole in the Veil

Outcropping Against Green

Plant Predator

The Earthspike, Too Far

The Spirits of Colors