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FEMA - Feeling Environment Modern Art

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Starting right off, Bright Depression is a pretty textbook work of modern art, with a pale, somewhat digital-textured background contrasted with a black foreground in an arc beneath. The shading adds depth, getting brighter towards the center of the image and darker towards the areas of black. Moire Skydrop presents a gradient amidst both straight lines and curved lines, using the resulting moire to add a rough texture in a much more structured way than usualy seen. On the left side of the image, a creature observes this effect. Next, Setting Out to a Universe contrasts the texture and brightness between its two sides to emphasize motion and difference. In the cry center of the work, a craft looks out towards the right, about to begin its movement - but the general color scheme of the work gives it a somewhat melancholy feel overall. Starfallen Sadness is also melancholic in color scheme and tone, with a very dark blue and almost violet color throughout. The upper right edge of the image looks like the thin trail of a small meteor, at its moment of impact, which sends cracks throughout the rest of the work. And finally of note, Casting Intimidation has a definite sense of motion and direction, along with an unusually vivid purple color scheme. The figure at the top of the mountain raises its wings, casting out its image in its brilliance and asserting its own superiority. It's simple and straightforward, and because of that, effective. Please enjoy!

Bright Depression

Casting Intimidation

Moire Skydrop

Sample of Violet Sand

Scratch on Desert

Setting Out to a Universe

Starfallen Sadness

Weary Watchtower