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MASW - Modern Art String Will

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In addition to its secondary focus on objects of willpower, several works in this collection feature string, or strings, in some way. Most obviously is Pulling it Taut, which is relatively concrete in its composition and which portrays two figures grasping the same banner from opposite ends. Vertical lines are used to defined the banner itself, how it hangs down from a wire against a more empty background. High Pluck can be seen as a harpist plucking a string on their instrument - one of the narrow ones, meaning one of the highest pitches that can be played. The instrument itself is given a red color of middling saturation, both to contrast the generally blue tint and the relatively unsaturated nature of the background. Crawling for Harp also portrays a harp, or at least some similar instrument, on the right side of the image, with a curved frame and multicolored strings. A wiry figure, only shadows and highlights contrasting it from the background, moves slowly towards it from the left. Reclined Rodent seems a bit abstract at first. The title interprets the upper-left part of the image as a head, and the vertical lines in the upper middle as fangs in the mouth of a rat, which reclines lazily and laughs haughtily. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Barnacle Bridge, a bright work which uses some light purple for contrast, and uses an unusual textural style to give the impression of barnacles towards the bottom of the image. Otherwise, this is a refreshingly literal work. Please enjoy!

Barnacle Bridge


Crawling for Harp

High Pluck

Many Arms of a Puppeteer

Pulling it Taut

Ready for Pilgrimage

Reclined Rodent

Rise of a Monster