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PEMA2 - Predatory Environments Modern Art

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This is another collection with dual focus: predators, and environments. Predator Lies in Wait is an example of the first of this collection's themes, using an effective color palette and simple composition to depict an alligator-like creature, waiting patiently for prey to show up. The horizontal line background works well for establishing the mood. The other big theme is exemplified by Advancing Ripple Cliff is a straightforward Ripple Wave work superimposed onto a straightforward landscape work. The grainy texture helps to keep the work interestng, and add just enough texture to keep the work from feeling generic. The Hill's a Mirage is bright and nearly monochromatic, with the texture and coloration differing relatively subtly between the mirage hill and the background of the work. The way that some of the horizontal and vertical lines pass in front of that mirage hill and some pass behind it gives this work a measure of depth. Point of Perspective is just the right balance of subdued and colorful, with a soft texture contrasted by the stark black foreground. Every element of the work is highlighted by its contrast to the other elements, and all attention is drawn to the portruding point in the center, around which color and light swirls thoughtfully. And finally of note, Assertive Dismissal is a work of strong colors and strong motion, helping to emphasize its themes. The direction of motion is out from the bottom-left corner, accentuated by both the contours and the horizontal and vertical lines. Please enjoy!

Advancing Ripple Cliff

Assertive Dismissal

Digger Bug

Phallic Decay

Point of Perspective

Predator Lies in Wait

The Hill's a Mirage

Unfiled File

Weak-Walled Pit