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MAAA - Modern Art Ambitious Action

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This collection's works, as its title would suggest, focus on ambition and action. Ambition, of course, is a multifaced thing, and the concept of 'action' is broad - both can be expressed in many different ways. Proselytizing Hopefully depicts a creature in pursuit of its ambition, submitting to another (which we can't see) as a step along this path. The work's background is colorful yet dull, in contrast to the foreground which uses negative space to depict the object of the work. Grainy Exam is a symbolic work, which uses color and texture moreso than composition to convey atmosphere and tension. Of course, the composition is still important - the shelf towards the middle of the image is overshadowed menacingly by an overseer towards the top-left, which is the emotional core of the image. Brainiac Harper depicts a bulbous figure which the work seems to interpret as a large head and two rounded arms. Held up by vertical lines, the figure portrayed is active and in motion. The work's color palette alludes to intelligence and hard work, to go along with that. Abstraction of Probable Sentiment is less well-defined and much more abstract than most of the other works in this collection, but the vaguenss of its composition and its lack of sharpness also contribute to a distinctive and unique atmosphere. The work's background does the heavy lifting in conveying the work's tone, but the slight vertical crack in the midst of the blackness on the left side is also meaningful. And finally of note, Witch's Battlestaff calls back to a series of other Witch-based works, most notably Witch's Spell, with the distinct design of the hand in the top right holding the narrow structure that protrudes towards the bottom-left corner of the image. It's a sharp image, but with room for interpretation and imagination. Please enjoy!

Abstraction of Probable Sentiment

Brainiac Harper

Deepness of Resolution

From Sentiment to Sentiment

Grainy Exam

Proselytizing Hopefully

Spreading Things

Witch's Battlestaff