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MAEU - Modern Art Exploring Unknown

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This collection aims to give the mixed impression of fear, apprehension, and wonder felt by an explorer in an unknown land. Starting off, An Outer Atmosphere evokes space, the widest of unknowns. This work contrasts its more ordered left side with the more chaotic right, with stars and lights scattered haphazardly in opposition to the defined lines and expansion on the left. It gives the impression that, from left to right, the world grows bigger. The Merest Hints uses similar space imagery, especially with the flecks scattered all over that evoke stars in the sky, except they're concentrated towards the bottom part of the image. Though the rest of the work has some structure, the stars scattered among it give an extra sense of scale, distance, and otherworldliness. Sliding from Hill to Hill is a work of action, featuring a figure moving through a rigid environment of horizontal and vertical lines. A traveler, an explorer, who's comfortable and used to the environment, making their way around in such a way as to blend in with their environment. Normal Alien Landscape is a colorful work thats somewhat similar in composition to many landscapes in this gallery, but is more twisted, more alien, with stranger and more contrasting colors that make it stick out and give it a unique identity of its own. It has that uncanny sense of familiar, yet different. And finally of note, Camouflaged Discontinuity is my personal favorite work this week for its unique blend of composition and coloration. The juxtaposition of horizontal and vertical lines has been done before, but rarely as strikingly as this, a jarring vertical block inserted amidst horizontal lines and keeping the same coloration so as to fit in despite that. This work lives up to its name. Please enjoy!

An Outer Atmosphere

Camouflaged Discontinuity

Empty Space Bubbles

Normal Alien Landscape

Sidling from Hill to Hill

Speculating with Longscope

The Merest Hints

Thin Pointe