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MADI - Modern Art Divine Influence

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The first notable work exemplifying the 'divinity' of this collection is Distant Angelus, which uses the perceived distance and scale of the top of a mountain to give the impression of power and divinity. The shading helps to give this work depth. Wargrounds of Wyrms alludes to the divine power of dragons, but its composition is more figurative, instead going above and beyond with intensity of color to represent the beasts and wargrounds involved. The Figurative Size of Fingers is tightly-composed, using winding lines to represent its title while giving only a nebulous sense of scale. While most of the work is a deep black, the grains of color are focused where they make the most difference. Emanation is a rather spiritual work, very abstract with emphasis on color and composition. both the shading and the texture of the work indicate a slow yet deliberate and consistent movement of energy, and the work's overall color scheme delivers a feeling of warmth and security. And finally of note, Skeletal Heart of Sunlight makes great use of highlights and thin, bright lines to draw what its namesake, while also taking care to use meaningful color schemes for both its lines and its background. The general yellow color gives the impression of sunlight and energy, while the generally deep black background and thin lines in the foreground create contrast and structure. Please enjoy!

Bared to the Sky

Distant Angelus


Skeletal Heart of Sunlight

Stark and Brash

The Figurative Size of Fingers

To Bloom, To Prepare

Wargrounds of Wyrms