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PCMA - Pure Composition Modern Art

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These works, in general, are more abstract and focus on their overall composition, rather than trying to depict a specific thing. Dreamlike Haze is one of the more standard works, but rather than focusing on the figures and structure depicted by the foreground, it chooses instead to emphasize the subtle gradients from purple to pink in the background. The Glitched Interface is somewhat of a look behind the curtain, displaying a significantly more technical and artificial composition than most works in the collection, and yet one stylized enough so as to look like art rather than just a program. Cracks like Confetti is a work of pixel art, with many shards of color along the one large scar that composes it, floating gradually away. The work generally presents a lot of color, and is an easy and relaxing viewing experience. Lines Hold Up the Colors is a very literal work, and extremely straightforward, but its simplicity really works for it. Besides the rainbow color gradients, the texture and shading - from light and saturated at the top to dark and unsaturated at the bottom - give this work more personality and atmosphere than you'd expect. And finally of note, my personal favorite work in this collection is Modeshiftway, a work containing vertical lines and _only_ vertical lines. It almost resembles a barcode, but the way it's composed gives it a sense of motion and structure that's impressive and unique among other works of modern art in this gallery. Please enjoy!

Colored Vertical Lines

Cracks like Confetti

Dreamlike Haze

Lines Hold Up The Colors

Lovers of Vibrance


Scratches Scratched Away

The Glitched Interface