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MAES2 - Modern Art Environmental Situations 2

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As usual with collections that have names in this style, and like its predecessor, this collection focuses on two aspects: situations, and environments. Both are interpreted relatively loosely, though the first notable work this week, Climb Out, Grab Hold, does reflect the collection's dual theme. This work is both colorful and richly textured, and uses its color contrast to give the impression of depth - the edge of a cliff. Meanwhile, the black figure reaches out with multiple arms towards this top layer of cool color, its actions emphasized by the color becoming more saturated closer to this part of the image. Careful Stability is a work that is of two distinct parts, the blackness in the lower-left half and the colored waves in the upper-right. The wave texture indicates both direction and depth, which makes the work seem more dynamic, and gives the work a greater sense of balance between the active flowing color, and the stoic blackness. One Fairy Through Space emphasizes and colors a precise crack, highlighting it against a darkened background to give a sense of loneliness. And yet, there are enough features in the background to indicate the subject's motion, and the image's overall depth and scale. USB Port is a fascinating work that uses a digital texture to portray a technical subject matter. The contrast of both vertical lines and the alternating-horizontal-checkerboard texture of the 'port' itself does a great job of giving a unique impression, and the image's overall color contour works together with its composition to give a good sense of directionality. And finally of note, Inviting Hillside is a work with excellent technique and composition, keeping its color space relatively constrained but still lush and vibrant. It also uses highlights very well for depth and motion. Please enjoy!

Careful Stability

Climb Out, Grab Hold

Generous Hanging

Heart of a Hill

Inviting Hillside

One Fairy Through Space

Small-Scale Lockpicks

USB Port