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MAT - Modern Art Trios

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This collection has been in the works for a long time. This collection contains, technically, only four works; except that each work is made up of three separate images. In the past, NSMA experimented with telling a story within a single work by having it change in real time, and later MAIP, MAIP2, and MAIP3 took that in a different direction by presenting the before- and after-states as different frames. This collection does the same, but with three frames in each work - each trio here is a progression from start to middle to end, the same screen in three different states of brokenness. The Warden works are perhaps the most straightforward examples, with the key structure on the left visible in Aiding being visible in the same location with the same edges in its successors, overlapping. At first, the work is relatively calm, with only some waves emanating from the top-right corner, and a lone figure towards the center doing his best against them. In Warden Fighting the work develops cracks all over, and moves to an electric, high-contrast color scheme. One figure, a complicated an intricate collection of cracks in that top-right corner, is clearly intruding, and the highlights and cyan-white coloration in the bottom-left corner indicate that it is the bulwark defending against this invader. But in Warden Succumbs, that fighting figure has lost its light, and the invader has expanded, turning a deep red while the remainder of the work grows dimmer. Meanwhile, Hope is entirely opposite in tone, much more positive and uplifting. Hope Appears is sparse, just a static image and a single point of light radiating a couple of horizontal and vertical lines. But as Hope Arrives, that point blossoms in color, while also starting to build a shell to contain the newfound color. Finally, Hope Blossoms in a wash of color that spans the spectrum - yellow-orange on one edge and red-blue on the other, and everything in between in a vibrant, lively, multifaceted work. The initial point of light is gone now, overshadowed by what it has borne. Next, the story of A Cape returns to dour and tragedy. It begins with Beautiful Weather, of course, but a calm and composed atmosphere, but livens up when an Intense Storm appears, emphasized by a much rougher texture, horizontal lines, and eclectic, more neon colors. The contrast between the yellow-orange beaches and the blue-cyan air and water underscores the implied violence as the cape fights for its life. But at its conclusion, the cape loses the battle, and we are shown its Last Devesation, a frame that abandons the color and cheer and energy from its predecessors in favor of solemn remembrance. And finally, the Digital work here seems as though it began as a work of Full Digital Modern Art before things went terribly wrong. Digital Array is benign enough, a rough and digital-textured image with as simple a composition as possible using the set of colors it does. But when the Digital Divide opens up, that world is cleaved in half. in the foreground, a monstrous portal, swirling towards a distant light at its center and engulfing its surroundings. Behind it, the background is divided, a tumultuous attempt on the left side to maintain the colorful attitude from before, and a dull, monotonous surrender of emotion and motivation from the right side. In the end, as shown by Digital Ruin, the shadowy portal eats and destroys all, the entire work spiraling inwards, sinking further and further towards the ravenous hunger of whatever entity it is that looks out from the center. Overall, this collection is unique among its peers - please enjoy!

A Cape's Beautiful Weather

A Cape's Intense Storm

A Cape's Last Devastation

Digital Array

Digital Divide

Digital Ruin

Hope Appears

Hope Arrives

Hope Blossoms

Warden Aiding

Warden Fighting

Warden Succumbs