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ACMA - Active Contemplation Modern Art

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This collection's title is somewhat of an oxymoron. Contemplation tends to be a quiet activity, but it can also be incidental, especially if done while performing an otherwise-active task. Consequently, these works tend to swing from one end to the other of the spectrum, struggling to balance the two contrasting ideas against each other. Starting off, Energy Apparitions is on the active end of the spectrum, a disjointed and bright work, entirely abstract while still maintaining a fairly concrete structure. Despite the bright colors, the work doesn't let them get in the way of its stark white cracks, by which its overall compositional structure is conserved. On the other end of the spectrum, Wispy Aurora is simple and calm, yet its style of shading and its particular shade of dark lavender make it seem somewhat tense. The work is very cool overall, and its composition is measured and well-reasoned, exploiting symmetry while maintaining enough differences on either side to be interesting. At the same time, despite what its composition might suggest, this work avoids portraying too much depth, and feels rather flat. Manipulations from the Fates strikes a good middleground between activity and contemplation, and is one of the increasingly uncommon works that utilizes the ripple wave motif. Beyond that, its composition and lighting are fairly normal. It adheres to its title in a subtle manner, as all such manipulations must necessarily be. Next, A Blast-Off in Spirit also strikes a good balance, with the color scheme of the left half of the image really implying activity but the dark, outlined right half of the image portraying measured restraint. Action with consideration, with contemplation, is what this work seems to symbolize. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Whispers in Haze, an ephemereal work that uses an unusual shade, smoky pink, as its primary color. The wisps of dust that are so evident towards the center of the image begin to fade out as the side is approached - corresponding to increased distance from the mouth on the left side of the image. Please enjoy!

A Blast-Off in Spirit

Energy Apparitions

Just About to Slide Down

Manipulations from the Fates

Slow Etch Decision

Whispers in Haze

Wintry Caution

Wispy Aurora