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A loose theme throughout this collection is navigation, either towards a destination or away from a point of departure, in any sort of figurative sense. Starting right off, Leisure Sled is simple and straightforward, a relaxing reddish-pink work with a horizontally-oriented background and a slanted white foreground, with the subject a pitch-black figure of shadow. The particular shading of the background helps to sell the depth of that background, getting further and further away with each grade. Unglared is another fairly standard work, this time very sharp and emphasizing thin vertical and horizontal lines. The work is almost monochromatic, with a somewhat less saturated green the only main color in the work besides the white foreground and the black background, and the transition from white to green indicates the direction the work is moving. Next, How Atmosphere Affects Instance is a strong violet work that is very figurative, in ways; the center of the work is dark, cut through by thin horizontal lines, while slowly fading into a pale purple towards the corners of the work. The slant of the light area on the bottom-left helps give an impression of depth, that the background might be far away from the foreground, so the atmosphere may be different between the two locations. Perhaps this is the reason for the change. Next, Anchored Airship is sharp and very deliberate and precise in its construction, using a horizontally-oriented background but using a vertical line-based midground behind the black figure (the airship) that makes up the foreground. The different motif usage serves to create depth, while the horizontal nature of the background also creates an impression of motion. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Stuttering Guidelines, a work that would not seem out of place in a FDMA collection. But this work's colors and texture are striking, giving an impression of intense heat, feeling, and passion. Please enjoy!

Aggressive Drab Avoidance

Anchored Airship

How Atmosphere Affects Instance

Leisure Sled



Stuttering Guidelines