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PMAP - Pixel Modern Art Permanence

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This pixel art collection focuses on the idea of permanence, things that stick around for long after they are placed. To what extent this is informs the composition depends - art is just as permanent as inscriptions or structures, after all, and some of these works are art for art's sake, just so. Single Stroke is a very simple work, a pull down and a strike up, against a slightly speckled but otherwise blank white background. The texture of the expression is the most interesting, being chain-like on account of the highlights and exposure filters applied to the work. Peculiar Tennae is perhaps the most normal work in this collection, a simple silhouette and a matching background to convey its signal. The work does evoke an antenna, or rather, several, of different kinds, all mounted to a single peculiar structure. Next, Build Blocks and Built Blocks are works that pair together effectively, one sparser and one denser, but otherwise sharing a similar color scheme, as though Built Blocks takes the structure of Build Blocks and rearranges its contents. The two were not designed this way deliberately, however, only named as such. Next, Pastel Rainbowscape is interesting because it becomes more distinct when looked at from further away. In that sense, it is a simple ring composed of cyan and bagenta blocks, but close up it is indeed a multicolored yet consistent background that uses a consistent and cohesive pastel shading style. But my personal favorite work this week is Acidic Etch, one of the most detailed works of pixel art to ever grace this gallery so far. The main substance of the work is well-defined and sharp, and shadows provide a definite layer of depth between the foreground and the background, floating behind it. Of all the works in this collection, this is the one that most completely embodies the idea of permanence. Please enjoy!

Acidic Etch

Build Blocks

Built Blocks

Pastel Rainbowscape

Peculiar Tennae


Smudges of a Rune

Splatter on Backdrop