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MAEA2 - Modern Art Explorative Artistry 2

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Like its predecessor, this collection has two main foci: exploration and art, though it interprets 'explorative' in a more metaphorical sense. Starting right off, Illustriation is an abstract, colorful and bright work, of the type that tries to force that color through despite being dark at heart. There are defined lines throughout that give the work structure, dividing it into sections of different colors, and these lines unmistakably define a subject, but what that subject is is up for interpretation. Next, Caretaking is a more concrete work, the figure in the upper-right part of the image clearly hugging or cradling that in the center. The green tint of the figures in the foreground makes for a nice contrast with the dull brown of the background, and the thin vertical lines inject just enough color to keep the work visually interesting. Soft Push is relatively straightforward as well, with a clear line of motion and clearly delineated sections. The spacing of vertical lines gives the impression of a cushioned impact, not so destructive, which is a mood encouraged by the overall soft color scheme and the pink background. Excitation is the type of work that would be more expected in a Full Digital Modern Art collection, if it wasn't a one-off. The color contrast between a dark purple and a lively, vibrant magenta, accented in cyan, gives this work the energy that in turn gives it its title, and the way highlights fade in towards the right edge of the work gives it a sense of momentum and movement as well - impressive, for such an abstract work. But my personal favorite work this week is Tropical Spiral. There's a lot going on here, but it's all held together by the web of cracks gradually spiraling inward, tighter and tighter. The vibrance of the right side of the image is reflected early in the spiral on the left, but is more restrained; and the reds and greens merge into yellow more and more as the spiral approaches the work's center. Black, too, remains consistently present, as a mediating force and a source of the unknown; with the spiral fading into it at the center, it provides a strong sense of depth. Please enjoy!

Burgeoning Order



Gentle Sampling


Root Remnants

Soft Push

Tropical Spiral