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Another fairly standard collection, this one takes its title and explores the various interpretations and applications thereof. To start off, Ablue of Ablice is fundamentally abstract, a nice turquoise-colored work with three different areas of structure and color. The darker area in the middle serves as somewhat of a bridge between the black areas at either corner of the work, whereas the white foreground and lighter background help add depth to the work. Integrity in Resolution is a work with very solid composition, using a powerful contrast between the peach-colored background and an indigo foreground, with white walls shielding one from the other. The work has depth, and the particular locations of the horizontal and vertical lines mark the figure in the bottom center as a subject, or protagonist, or maybe a leader. Next, Figurative Geyser is solid in its shading and coloration, and fairly concrete - from the bottom, the work explodes upwards. The central red area uses a very levelled gradient to get somewhat darker as it progresses inwards, whereas the almost metallic blue area gets progressively lighter as it moves closer to the top of the image, implying a source of light. Some Philosophy is a very Full Digital type of work, a continuously repeating and very static, simple pattern. Furthermore, it uses complimentary colors right against each other, a light aqua blue against a light orange. As simple as it is, this work makes that simplicity a strength, leading itself to be pleasant to look at and not requiring any extra energy to think about what it really means. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Overlook of Presumed Turmoil, a dingy yellow work that fades towards a shadowed red as it approaches the bottom of the work. Faint diagonal bands of lightness are visible at the lower end of the work, giving it some more impression of movement. And at the center-top is an inky black figure, with horizontal and vertical lines in the same inky blackness extending outwards in a rough texture. Overall this work has impeccable composition while remaining simple and straightfroward. Please enjoy!

Ablue of Ablice

Delicate Impression

Drained Exploration Team

Examine and Formulate

Figurative Geyser

Integrity in Resolution

Overlook of Presumed Turmoil

Some Philosophy