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EUMA - Emotionally Unsure Modern Art

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This week's works are abstract and focus on their emotional presentation, giving their own unrestricted impressions. Starting off, Ambitious Surfacer portrays a black figure in motion, arms flailing and digging through a thick surface of layered horizontal bars. The outside is darker than the inside, it seems, but as the surfacer is ambitious, the actual state of the surface matters not, only that it may be reached. Far-Off Memoryscape is colored a bright orange and light yellow, but otherwise has a fairly standard composition. The curves, and the particular types of colors fading from lighter to darker, give a good sense of depth, thus helping to back up the work's title. The pattern of the yellow in the background, generally smooth but occasionally disjointed and jagged, further affects this impression. Pleasant Gradient is as simple as works get, and exactly what it claims to be. Aside from a thick teal strip at the top of the image, the work portrays a digital fade from magenta, in the top-left corner, to green-white, at the opposite corner. Moire, and the digital texture, keep the work interesting and give it some of its emotional effect. Creativest Cracks follows a fairly standard bright-lines-against-darkness archetype, this one more abstract than most. There is some motion implied in this work, the teal-colored figure outlined in the center of the work moving towards the center of the circle and break towards the left-center. Or perhaps that is not a creater, but a path for the rest of the entities on the right side of the image. Overall, a largely interprative work. Strongly Emotional Vista approaches a familiar, uncommon Room-like archetype but in reverse. There are only three areas of color in the image, each with its own texture; the deep red with horizontal lines, the smooth black and green arrea beneath, and the wavy peach-orange background. The tumult of the background combines with the colors in the foreground to emphasize the emotional disparity which gives this work its title. Please enjoy!

Ambitious Surfacer

Creativest Cracks

Far-Off Memoryscape

Impressionistic Impressions

Pleasant Gradient

Scream in Inverse

Seething Twisted Fury

Strongly Emotional Vista