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MARC - Modern Art Representing Curiosity

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This collection contains works that depict inquisitiveness, in general, and interaction with the wider world in a speculative, curious way, rather than an aggressive or impository one. Starting off, Delicately Prodding the Air is relaxed and vibrant, a figure reaching out and beckoning from the right, towads a smaller figure at the lower-left. Structure across the work is provided by the horizontal beams in the background, whereas each of the subjects is anchored by vertical lines instead. Fat Young Drake is actually fairly concrete, but only from a specific perspective. The figure in the bottom-left is the drake, portrayed here as a small, fat dragon lazily flying towards the soft red background. The work does a good job of portraying depth between its layers, and it leaves much of the detail in its foreground to the viewer's interpretation. I Push Out My Feelings is oppressively colorful, a wash of red, blue, and magenta overpowering the work in an unfocused wave of colors. Only a few horizontal bars keep any smeblance of structure in the work, and the only well-defined object is the figure towards the bottom-left, from which all the waves of color emanate. The "I" in the work's title. Improvising is abstract yet straightforward. There are many layers to this work, from the flat background to the lines layered over it, to the lines layered over those, and the lines layered over those, and the link that brings them all together in the center, weaving through the various layers and connecting them all, creating something new out of the mess that is behind it. But my personal favorite work this week is Curious Cobra, a concrete work portraying an animal staring straight at the camera. Most of its body is the typical black negative space, blocking out a desaturated metallic background, and highlighted with alternating red and green; but its eyes are clearly outlined towards the top-center of the work. It stares, pensively, not starting trouble but also not acting overtly pacifist. It is, after all, still a snake. Please enjoy!

Blue Far

Chaos in Novelty

Curious Cobra

Delicately Prodding the Air

Fat Young Drake

I Push Out My Feelings


Look to Forth