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MADF - Modern Art Deadened Feelings

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This is a dark collection, largely in practice as well as in tone. Bleak, hopeless, tired - these are some of the feelings that this collection explores with its works. Starting off, A Wistful Hillside is relatively concrete, a picture of a hill. The light source is behind that hill, casting most of it in shadow; our viewpoint also seems to be towards the ground, and beneath the hill we see almost nothing. The color palette is restrained and muted, leaving behind the wistful feeling for which the work is named. Pointless Fence is also fairly concrete; horizontal lines pervate the entire background of the work, blending the two segments of it together, but in the foreground a contour of vertical lines wraps around the part on the right. There's nothing within this fence, hence why it's pointless, and yet it is being captured anyway. For what purpose, the work is unclear - the figure erecting, or in control of, the fence is off screen. Unfeeling Gale is overall desaturated and would be serene if it wasn't so dark and gray. The hint of cyan that pervades it is slightly greener than usual, and combines with the work's shadows and texture to evoke a hollow melancholy feeling - if it's a feeling at all. The other part of the work's title comes from its sense of movement; wide, but slow. Total Artificiality is colorful, but soulless - its texture and overall composition are plainly put together, and clash for their lack of cohesive style. The work is noisy, and the one figure that isn't made up of vertical or horizontal lines is keeping itself low, flitting about and trying to make its way in this artificial scape. My personal favorite work this week is Anbright, an abstract orange work notable not only for using a fairly uncommon color, but for retaining a tense and moderate mood despite that color's usual connotations. The shadows and general composition help a lot here, as does the symmetry of the figure at the top-left, and the ring around it that crosses through the work's center. Something is definitely happening here, but exactly what is left to the viewer's interpretation, in accordance with the work's mood. Please enjoy!

A Wary Shroud

A Wistful Hillside


Contra Dinge

Lonely Extraction

Pointless Fence

Total Artificiality

Unfeeling Gale