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FUMA3 - Formerly Unnamed Modern Art 3

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Like its predecessors FUMA and FUMA2, this collection contains works that were finished years ago but put aside because, at the time, I could not come up with names for them. I'm more creative nowadays, and these works can instead serve as a look back to earlier compositional and artistic styles in this gallery. First of note is Casavase, a relatively abstract work that is very striking in both color and form, and very simple in composition. The curves around the only area of color in the image give it the contours of a vase, which is where it gets part of its name from; but the work overall is abstract enough to have any number of other interpretations as well. Next, Beaded Draw is a vertical-lines work, with the left half fully occluding the magenta background and the right half only partly doing so. The fixture at the top of the left half of the image is blurred somewhat, with rather nebulous borders; as a result, it's unclear in what manner it is interacting with the rest of the work. Reverse Fault is a very severe work, with strong colors juxtaposed against stark areas of low saturation. The blood-red highlights towards the top of the work help to especially emphasize the white structures in the middle, which are arranged like the a tectonic collission, creating a fault where one plate runs into another. In that sense, the blue area towards the bottom of the image is like the mantle. When Waves Break Things is a very active work of the Ripple Wave archetype, organized chaotically, in several layers, and fractured down the middle. The work is abstract and intense, in constant motion. But my personal favorite work this week is Infernic, a hot, fiery work focusing on its intense color and textural variation, rather than actual structures outlined in color. The smudge-like highlights of yellow and orange against the strong red help give life and movement to this work. Please enjoy!

Beaded Draw



Lazy Beckon

Many Angles to Glance From


Reverse Fault

When Waves Break Things