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FUMA2 - Formerly Unnamed Modern Art 2

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Like its immediate predecessor, this collection contains works that were finished years ago but put aside because, at the time, I could not come up with names for them. I'm more creative nowadays, and these works can instead serve as a look back to earlier compositional and artistic styles in this gallery. Starting off, Drag is a very abstract work, but with direction and momentum. The amorphous black figure towards the top of the image can be seen to reach out to either side, and the title of the work derives from the viewing that it's pulling something on the left with its blue claw, as it pulls itself towards the right. The difference in kind between the right side, with its many colorful vertical lines, and the left side, where these are fewer, gives the impression that the right side is more familiar, or more strongly claimed and shaped by the figure. First Preparation is simple and sparse, made up of just a couple of thin horizontal lines through the center of the image, and a pillar on the left from which they extend. This lines, while thin, are still there, and the thinner and less prominent lines to either side imply more growth, construction, and iteration is planned. Slow Surface Swimmer is a more concrete work, that kind of looks like a rubber duck with a big hump on its back, gently floating across the bottom from the right to the left. Beyond that, the work is quite simple - a green background with a wide lighter aura, and a simple blue fill for the duck. Gridded Valleyside is a typical landscape-type work with crisscrossing horizontal and vertical lines - a very digital texture - covering the lower half of the image, with a flatter and calmer upper half. Amidst those gridlines, at the bottom, is a rising incline, which soon fades into the background and continues only in silhouette. But my personal favorite work this week is Leap to Hug, a work with motion and momentum. The five blobs in the lower-left of the image form a figure that is standing up and reaching towards the mass in the upper right, arms outstretched for a hug. The warmth of the right half of the image's color, and the generally warm tint on the image as a whole, serves to give the work a positive affect. Please enjoy!


First Preparation

Gridded Valleyside

Leap to Hug

Reverse Bounce

Slow Surface Swimmer

Stare Lie

Sunny Vibe