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DUMA - Distinctly Unique Modern Art

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Not all weeks must have a theme. This collection doesn't, save for that each work is unique in some way, in relation to others in the gallery. Another Expedition uses an unusual color scheme, and has a sense of depth and purpose that few other works manage. From its cliffs, to the figures climbing on them, to the rainbow beacon of the goal in the distance, this work tells a story all on its own. Desperate Art and Sorrow is different in its one-of-a-kind shade of dark red, if not in its archetype. Power in Hand is, perhaps, an eventual conclusion to the dilemma portrayed in Desperate Art and Sorrow, but it is a much more well-composed work. While not giving away abstraction entirely, the distinct image of a bony hand draws the focus of the image; a hand that lazily conjures a spell of some sort. The coarse texture of the work combined with its usage of waves serves to enhance this feeling of power and control. Chaos Spawn is another work that blends abstract and concrete together quite well; the spawn, and from whence it came, are clear to see, yet the spawn itself is incomprehensible. The auras of these two objects are done in a style almost entirely foreign to this gallery, with vertical lines placed carefully to enhance the effect of the image. And finally of note, is World Without Order, a thoroughly abstract work that fills in the gaps in its world with a completely unique pattern that, while lacking any structure or consistency, is yet not entirely random. Please enjoy!

Another Expedition

Chaos Spawn

Cloaked Alleged Gentleman

Desperate Art and Sorrow

Miscellaneous Bits

Power In Hand

Spirit Whales

World Without Order