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DFMA - Dark Fluorescence Modern Art

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Like last week's HAMA2, this collection is fairly unique. Unlike last week, however, DFMA focuses on a dimness that pervades every one of its works, affecting the colors and textures it displays. Illusory Wave is an excellent example, being one of the most interesting wave works in the entire gallery so far. It is colorful, but its colors are muted and toned by an underlying gray, with a jarringly coarse texture throughout. Another wave work makes an appearance here as well, in Rho Wave. This work takes a much different approach, going from a fiery orange-red on its right to a darkness on its left; but the darkness has texture, as if the wave coursing into it affects it. Luminescent Aqua, too, is colorful; more so than Rho Wave, even. However, its colors are dimmer than they should be, and the coarse dithering between different sections of color alongside stark red borders and a deep blackness, give this work a foreboding feeling. Business Watches is unique for this collection in its rare sepia color scheme, but its abstract configuration is not alone in this gallery. One wonders what the themes are, here, what each object represents. Is the figure in the center of the white burst on the right trying to attack? To defend, to secure an escape from the darkness curling in around it, crushing it? ....Finally, my personal favorite work this week is Lightning Birds. The most cohesive of the works in its style, this work portrays a flock of birds, made of lightning. The bright, razor-thin skeletons of electricity that comprise their skeletons, with a surrounding electric blue glow that fades into the dark sky behind them, make this work more literal than most, yet at the same time abstract, and meaningful. Please enjoy!

Business Watches

Feelingless Giant

Illusory Wave

Lightning Birds

Luminescent Aqua

Minspace Blobs

Rho Wave

Tangible Sketches