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WWMA - Weird Weather Modern Art

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This collection's theme is portraying the environment, displaying wide landscapes and the climates thereof. These works, as a result, focus more on large, expressive backgrounds than on images in the foreground. Improper Imposter Eclipse is possibly the largest exception to this, its background being more detailed and specific in its image than in the other works in this collection. The work's portrayal of its subject - an eclipse of the sun on the horizon, somehow - is somewhat abstract and possibly inaccurate, but then again, its title implies such. In a very different way, Tumult is effective because its gingerly-colored, dim background compliments its curvy, unstable foreground. Confusion and disorder are present, but vague and foreboding. Wrong Kind of Mist is similar in feel, with a lot of smooth color changes in both the foreground and the background, and emphasizing a very foreboding feeling. Its texture is also faintly coarse and digital, a texture also reflected in Shatterscape's Helth, which goes much further with it. The shatterscape is a concept not wholly unfamiliar to this gallery, and here it is portrayed in an ordered chaos, things seeming to fall apart and into disorder but still with a consistent, patterned structure behind them. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Double Flaming Sky, an intense work that, while it may be rather one-note, plays that note perfectly. The superposition of one sky atop another, their textures identical yet somehow not matching, gives this work its intrigue; its fiery coloration gives it its soul. Please enjoy!

Blizzard in Summer

Double Flaming Sky

Fog of Reason

Improper Imposter Eclipse

Possible Bad Weather

Shatterscape's Health

The Sky In Hell


Wrong Kind of Mist