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MAMC - Modern Art Motion Choices

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The dual themes this time around are motion, choice, and the choice of how to embrace motion in order to get from one place to another. Starting off, Cycular Crawling implies a wheel in its shape, but that wheel also seems to have arms. Perhaps the being portrayed here is a wheel with arms, dragging itself along. The background of the work is unobtrusive, allowing the focus to stay on the figure in the foreground, and the viewer's interpretation of it. Scrape Out a Place is calm yet firm, its color scheme aiding this impression by relegating the calm yellow to a background and using a rough texture for it, while contrasting the foreground against it via a light blue. The work is very sharp, which gives it a deliberate feel. Caressing is curvy and evocative, with those curves being set against horizontal and vertical lines of stout straightness. The reddish portion of the work making up most of its left half is the object being caressed here, by the shadowy tendrils in both the foreground and the background. The overall dark color of the work also makes it feel somewhat uncomfortable. Bring Your Style is somewhat restrained in its colors, and yet is flamboyant and outward-thinking. The left half of the work is mostly responsible - the figure taking precedence there is splayed out in all directions, in an uneven and provocative way, its influence extending beneath to become more visible via vertical lines. The background also does have a variance of color - blue against orange - and if the focal figure is any indication, perhaps the work is on its way to getting brighter. But my personal favorite work this week is Scrounging Climb, a work contrasting a yellow background with purple highlights in the foreground. It is abstract yet still concrete enough for its title to make sense, with ill-defined figures visible and in motion, and a general sense of upwards (or at least, stationary) movement. Please enjoy!

Bring Over A Little

Bring Your Style


Cycular Crawling

Paths of Glint and Tint

Scrape Out a Place

Scrounging Climb

Walk Away from Your Waves