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MAEI - Modern Art Exploring Impressionately

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Exploring and making impressions go hand in hand with each other, and that's the central theme of this collection. Crawl Through Whatever is cold-toned, and somewhat concrete, portraying a vaguely humanoid figure moving from left to right across the image. The figure is pulling something, and moving into an area of darkness; whatever exactly those things are is left unclear. Duel of Harps uses the familiar vertical lines motif to imply the strings of a harp, aided by the diagonal shrinking of the areas on either side. The left harp goes partly off the canvas, but between the two harps thin lines clash - a delicate battle of performances between the two. Slope and Splash uses several motifs to serve totally different roles; the vertical line motif in the slope down, the horizontal line motif in the background, and a solid blobby outline for the area of blackness at the base of the slide. Framed this way, the black area seems like a splash from entering some puddle or pond directly beneath the view of the canvas. Dubious Depth of Field is immediately intense, black and red in thick horizontal strips in the background, with the occasional dark blue highlight. The foreground of the work is comparatively colorless, with figures observing the background and trying to determine what exactly it is that they are seeing, and how precisely to respond to it. And finally of note, Impressions and Trinkets is faintly colorful, a largely plain expanse tinged with colors, but on one end an active waterfall of blobby areas of substance. The figure above, lines radiating out on this shower of trinkets, is the instigator, asserting a wash of activity on the otherwise passive work. Please enjoy!

Cool Mover

Crawl Through Whatever

Dubious Depth of Field

Duel of Harps

Impressions and Trinkets

Slope and Splash

Turbine of Spirits