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New Collection: TFMA - Tasteful Filters Modern Art

5 December 2016

This week's new collection is TFMA. The intention with this collection was to contrast with the previous several collections by being a bit more restrained, and tasteful, with the usage of color manipulation. Rather than going all-out with intensity, this collection aims to be more measured in nature. For an example, consider Dirt Descent, a work whose radiant bronze color is perhaps the first time it's been seen on this website. Too Fat to Take Off is similarly subdued, focusing on its conveyance of texture more than its intensity of color, and better off for it. A more active work can be found in Unwillful Omnipresence, which takes a relatively cool atmosphere and uses a bright and full, but not overly so, assortment of blues and purples. And for interesting color contrast, look no further than Countersheets, which is a wonderful contrast of red and blue beside each other, neither overpowering. My personal favorite work this week is Cooking Surfaces, a work which uses moire and tasteful shading in conjunction to provide a crisp and thoughtful image in an appealing palette. Please enjoy!


26 September 2016

This work uses Moire to its fullest extent. A neon pulse comes from one edge of the image, breaking up and causing cracks in some structure. The p