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New Collection: ADMA

19 September 2016

This week's new collection is ADMA (guess what that acronym stands for and you can name an upcoming work!). The focus of this week's collection is abstract designs, created not just by negative space as usual, but also by the color contrast. Bright colors are not prevalent this week, as dim colors work better and are more cohesive for this collection's works. Damping Wedge is a good example of a work that uses not negative space, but unsaturated color, to get its point across. Opening Under the Sand is another fascinating and unique work, focusing on dull shades and expressive textures. Unbase has somewhat more saturated colors, but still uses a fairly uncommon color scheme, with a bronze color. Moving further towards more intense colors, Spot of Bewilderment is dark and brooding but still presents an interesting use of color. And finally of particular note for this week, Shelter in the Waves is a fairly different use of the wave archetype (see Mega Ripple Wave below), using a very low-contrast version to make a truly unique color scheme and create a new, inventive image. The unmentioned works in this collection each have their own charms as well, so please browse the collection, and enjoy!


22 October 2015

The name of this work is inspired by its intense warmth. Comprable, perhaps, to the surface of the planet Venus, only with less noxious gas. Like the planet venus, as Venerean Landscape ascends from the bottom, rises in altitude, it becomes less intense and more calming, to match Venus's upper atmosphere and general exterior appearance. Perhaps it is an utterly hellish place, but at least from our point of view, Venus is indeed a truly beautiful planet.


19 November 2015

Some sort of wave travels along, and as it reaches the center of this work it expands and reaches a sort of explosion, from which it departs in a marvelous array of colors. It is abstraction incarnate - what this picture really displays is impossible to understand, but it begs to be examined and reexamined, and admired for its beauty, its incomprehensibility.


23 September 2015

Like the universe, the chalice is only transient. In fact, it doesn't even look like a chalice - perhaps this picture is misnamed. It invites interpretation. The pastel fade from soft yellow to baby blue may represent harmony, and the rough moire in the center of the work is somehow lyrical. Chalice is not a literal title, for it is just an abstraction. The essence of modern art.


22 May 2015

Why are ponds green? I dunno. But then, sometimes you just have to jump in, and maybe it'll make sense. This was the first work in the Monitors of Modern Art library, and is a very strong start. It is a beautiful, yet simple, metaphor.